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Welcome to The Boat Galley podcast, filled with tips and how-to's to help you sail away into the sunset -- whether for the weekend or forever.

Each episode is filled with information you can act on immediately and there's plenty of encouragement, too. You CAN do this!

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May 31, 2018

Any new venture involves new language; shortcut the learning curve with this episode!


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May 30, 2018


Can you use all the systems on your boat? Someday, you may have to. Can everyone else aboard also use everything?

If there is more than one person on board, systems have to be planned so that everyone can do every function.

Carolyn Shearlock explains why this is critical and what they've done on their boat to ensure...

May 28, 2018

Boat ovens are notorious for baking unevenly -- one part of an item will be burned while another part is raw.

Carolyn Shearlock, author of The Boat Galley Cookbook, gives a quick solution that will make a huge difference . . . at a very low cost!

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Pizzacraft 12x15 Rectangular Baking Stone...

May 26, 2018

How many times do I have to rearrange things before I get it "right"? Why isn't it obvious where things should go?

And why is it that what seemed like such a good idea last month isn't working now?

These and so many more questions play out as we try to stow everything on a boat.

With ten years of cruising and living...

May 24, 2018

Naming your boat can be harder than naming your child. Experienced cruiser Nica Waters shares 5 tips to think about – and the story of her boat’s name.


Who’s On First (Abbot and Costello skit):

Carolyn’s blog post on boat...