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Jul 5, 2018

Catching water is a special way to keep your water tanks filled to the brim, even if there’s some scrambling.

Here, Nica Waters tells her experiences.


Rainman watermaker:

Downspout for an awning (a plastic thru-hull fitting!):

Jerry jugs for water: (spigot style) or (spout style)

Ball valve for water tank selection:

Sponsor: Rainman Watermakers, capable of producing up to 37 gallons of fresh, clean drinking water per hour from seawater - without the need for installation! Configurations are available in AC, 12 Volt DC, and even a gasoline system! Seatask is the premier US facility for Rainman watermakers here in the USA - visit them at to learn more!

Add the referral code BOATGALLEY on the "order my system" page to receive 10 extra prefilters with your order! ($70 value!)

Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig