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Welcome to The Boat Galley podcast, filled with tips and how-to's to help you sail away into the sunset -- whether for the weekend or forever.

Each episode is filled with information you can act on immediately and there's plenty of encouragement, too. You CAN do this!

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Feb 28, 2018

Until you do it, it's tough to imagine what full-time cruising will be like. You may have done a bareboat charter before, but is that really what it’s like when it’s your full-time life? Or it is really just a series of "fixing your boat in exotic places?"

Will you like it? Will you be bored?

Carolyn Shearlock has been cruising almost ten years now, and admits that no two days are alike. Here, she tells of a fairly typical day at anchor in the Bahamas.

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Music: "Slow Down" by Yvette Craig