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Welcome to The Boat Galley podcast, filled with tips and how-to's to help you sail away into the sunset -- whether for the weekend or forever.

Each episode is filled with information you can act on immediately and there's plenty of encouragement, too. You CAN do this!

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Feb 18, 2021

From far away, the possibilities are endless. As time gets closer, the options narrow. 


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Today's episode of The Boat Galley Podcast is sponsored by Julie Bradley, best selling author of two sailing classics, Escape from the Ordinary  and Crossing Pirate Waters.  WARNING: These books are hard to put down. Join Glen and Julie for off-the-beaten path adventures in extraordinary places, claw through Force 10 storms with them, and hold your breath through pirate infested parts of the Mideast. Julie's witty, vibrant writing takes you along every twist and turn. At times you will wish you were there and at others you will be glad you weren't . These books take you along for the trip of a lifetime.  Find both Escape from the Ordinary and Crossing Pirate Waters on Amazon -- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig